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Note by Note and More Monday, August 16, 2021

I was a little distracted last week with helping my daughter get ready for college. Whew

Note by Note was updated with 2 new episodes:

18 - To the Beautiful, Exciting Woman Who Crashed Into My Life

19 - You Think I'm a Great Kisser?

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Here is another great Kindle Vella serials for you to read!

The Color of Resiliency

by F. Murray

Franny's mind is made of supernatural wonder. She ventures in and out of the ordinary world burdened with a diagnosis that betrays her communal character. Medication is her only 'coping mechanism.' But in February of 2018, tolerance takes its toll, and she's seeing things. Hearing things. Sensory overload marbles her consciousness, and it has her MAD. Compulsion rears its ugly head, and she's unstoppable. Rather than providing the support, she needed, her tiny network of family and friends...

#ptsd #mentalillness #basedontrueevents #childhoodtrauma #schizoaffective #youngadult #psychology

There are currently 18 episodes available.

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