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Stella Ann George's Serials - Completed and In Progress

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Note by Note
is also available as a serial, in its original publication, on Amazon's Kindle Vella

And on the serial site, Radish

For Finn Cooper, being a billionaire has the usual perks - fine dining, jet setting around the world, and beautiful women. However, no woman is going to break through his wall; he won’t allow himself to be that vulnerable again. But when the plane he is piloting crashes, an independent and capable woman leaves him questioning all he thought he knew about love.

For Jessica Turner, a fateful flight from Sydney to Tasmania turns her world upside down. Surviving in an isolated cabin with a well-known playboy is just the beginning of a journey that tosses the music teacher out of her safe, secure life. Falling for his charm is easy; guarding her heart is another matter.

In a search for answers about their mysterious circumstances, Finn and Jessica find themselves in an increasingly dangerous world neither of them could have imagined. Staying one step ahead of deadly outside forces makes falling in love a little … complicated.


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Note by Note: Behind the Series on Amazon's Kindle Vella

This is some of the background of Note by Note, the songs that inspired me, the stories behind some of the settings and characters. I will also be featuring information about different composers and artists since they played such an important role in the story and Jessica's life as a music teacher. Hope you will enjoy!


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Memory by Memory on Amazon's Kindle Vella

Max Chase is dodging bullets when he wakes up in a Los Angeles hangar. He escapes with a briefcase full of cash. His instinct is to fly to Hawaii, but there's a hitch. He has no idea who he is or why anyone is after him. Dr. Neolani Kapahu's night shift is a puzzle as she helps an amnesia patient. FBI agents arrive and she can't tell whether he's a criminal or a man caught in the cross-fire. She hopes her heart will find the answer. Stand-alone story and familiar characters from Note by Note.


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Forged in Steel - A Donora Family
on Amazon's Kindle Vella

In 2005, my Aunt Rosella sat down to record our family history. This is exactly as my Aunt told it. She passed a few years ago. I will always be grateful to hear her voice and her great story-telling. She sprinkles facts with sobering and funny stories. I hope you will enjoy this record of my family immigrating to America and working in the steel mill of western PA through the early 1900s, the Depression, the war, and beyond. Maybe you will recognize some of the same circumstances and stories.


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Alaska with Aunt Rosella
on Amazon's Kindle Vella

This is a transcript from tapes I made during a trip to Alaska in 1991 with my Aunt Rosella. I usually traveled with my friend, Margaret (some of those stories will be here on Vella) but Alaska was an opportunity to travel and spend time with my Aunt. She had been to every other state in the union and had no one to travel with at the time she wanted to go. I volunteered. It was one of the best experiences of my life. She passed away in 2016. It's strange not to have her to share those memories.


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Travels with Margaret - Australia and New Zealand
on Amazon's Kindle Vella

These episodes are transcripts of audio cassette tapes that my friend, Margaret, and I recorded on various trips around the world. We were college roommates and friends. I'm beginning with our last trip together, which was to Australia and New Zealand. Maybe some of you have traveled with good friends and this will bring back precious memories. Hope you enjoy them.


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Travels with Margaret Season 2 - Hawaii on Amazon's Kindle Vella

Second part in a series of travel adventures with my friend, Margaret. This time we are in Hawaii, including the Big Island, Maui, and Oahu.