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Note by Note and Other Kindle Vella Serials August 20, 2021

Note by Note was updated with 2 new episodes this week:

20 - But We Don't Know if This is Real

21 - If We Keep This Up, I Won't Want to Leave Tonight

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Here are more Kindle Vella serials to check out:

Saint's City

By Y Stokes

Pandora's box was unlocked when Vanessa Smith, a mid-level FBI agent submitted her DNA to a genealogy firm. A mystic adventure of lifetime begins when she joins forces with Dr, Isaac French. Together the two provide a safe haven for other paranormals on the run, until they're forced on one secret mission after another.

#urban fantasy #paranormal #supernatural #thriller #fantasy #suspense #adventure

There are currently 8 episodes available.



The Magical Quests of Ollo Noot

By Remy Wilkins

Magic is dying, cats are ceasing to speak, and trees no longer roam the earth. In the land of Aaarde magic still exists, but a great threat is draining the land of its mystery and wonder. Ollo Noot is a potion apprentice who finds himself on a quest to save Aarde, the future magic, and to become a greats wordsmith. With him are friends Ipsi Dixit, a young entrantress, and Jesper, a wanna-be knight, a talkative cat named Sprig and many other fantastical warriors they meet along the way.

#medieval #fantasy #magic #adventure #young adult #children's stories #middle grade

There are currently 19 episodes available.

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