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KIndle Vella Note by Note and Featuring New Serials

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Take a break from the Christmas rush and curl up with a Kindle Vella Serial!

Note by Note has been updated with new episodes:

54 - All you Have to do is Say the Word and I'm Yours

55 - It's Not You; It's Me

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There are several new Kindle Vella serials for you this week:

The Lodge at Fear Summit

by Craig Strickland

Join "Scary Stories for Sleepovers" author & active HWA Member Craig Strickland on a horror adventure at a very haunted mountains hunting lodge. Each diverse local tells newcomers Kelly Allan, 18, and her ex-cop father, Ed, a nasty, unique nightmare—you know the kind. Shadow people. Black-eyed kids. A Japanese Teke-teke. The very recounting of these grim stories seems to awaken something—and people start vanishing. Then Kelly realizes she may be the key. (New episodes drop each Mon & Fri&hellipWinking

#horror #paranormal #supernatural #haunted house #ghost #mystery #diverse


My Mini Library Romance

by Lina Jubilee

Wallflower bookworm Quinn curates her neighborhood's Mini Donation Libraries, paying special attention to the Ooh-La-la Box filled with romance reads. When a series of steamy donated books wrecks her life for a few days, she's left wondering if the author is local. Before she can get her sleuth on for long, a friend introduces her to Allen, a man with deep pockets who wants Quinn to set up a Mini Library on his street—and can take her wildest fantasies from the page to under his sheets. New MWF

#romance #steamy #romantic comedy #humor #love #contemporary romance #bookworm


The Kingdom Asleep in Thorns

by Cay Fletcher

A fairy's curse. A princess in disguise. A kingdom under a mysterious enchantment. An invitation to the post-tournament feast starts our hero, Sir Aldebrand, on a journey to unravel decades of secrets. But as they navigate court life in the sleepy Kingdom of Dorne, will they find more trouble than they bargained for? Can they find true love, friendship and overcome the curse they carry? The Kingdom Asleep in Thorns is a queer, dark, retelling of Sleeping Beauty. New chapters out every Friday!

#fairytale retelling #sleeping beauty #dark fantasy #romance #slow burn #adventure #magic


Provoking Fire

by Tanisha Nicole Wright

Due to her rare skin, Eyomi roamed only in the night's shadows. She is wearied by her lonesome life as an orphan until befriending a drifter named Tuhaji, whose gift for storytelling ignites her small world. When warriors with unworldly strength step out of Tuhaji's stories and onto her path, Eyomi finds she is bound to their lineage in ways she never imagined. Eyomi must choose love or loyalty, even as a strange fire groans within. She must learn to master it or set ablaze all in her wake.

#heroines #african-american #strong female lead #paranormal #young adult #diversity #urban fiction


The Last Sunrise

by Martin Shannon

Blood and family are all that matters to Mallory Evers, that, and avoiding the sun. When drug dealers turn on her brother, Mal and Nate get their tickets punched for a one-way trip to the other side. But something happens along the way, and they both come back different, very different. Her newly acquired thirst for blood puts Mal on a mission to find the men that did this to them while keeping her rapidly devolving brother from turning into a one-man eating machine.

#female protagonist #vampire #horro #urban fantasy #blood and pulp #bloodlust #revenge


The Warden and the Vampire: Mystic Springs, Season One

by N.K. Archer

Mystic Springs, FL; sleepy tourist town, gateway to the supernatural realm, and home. I've been keeping my town safe for nearly 200 years - but now I'm up against a sinister force from ancient legend. I blame Klyn Viscardi for this curse; this vampire playboy never takes dark magic seriously enough. It seems like he's weaving his own dark magic over me - I can't get enough of him. But love between Wardens and Supernaturals is strictly forbidden. If I succumb to his bite, my life could be over.

#vampire romance #cozy paranormal #fantasy romance #magical creatures #steamy #paranormal romance #small town romance


I Really Like Hurting You

by Sean Callister

A young serial killer's coming of age in a small desert town. Michael's sadistic brother drives him over the edge and toward a violent fate.

#revenge #insanity #sadistic #driven over the edge #ax murderer #horror #serial killer


Descriptions of an Angel

by Veronica Malone

Christina is beautiful, young, and currently winning at life. Her lifestyle is one that many would envy, but she still yearns for something more. Dante is one of the infamous Cameron brothers who became popular when their grandfather leaves them a fortune. While none of them are married yet, Dante longs for a loving partner. When the two finally meet, they speed into a beautiful relationship. Will everything remain perfect, or will their fast growing flame soon burn out?

#love story #urban fiction #women's fiction #urban romance #southern


Cosplay Worthy

by Q Glide

Art, cartoons, and cosplay are Layla Bennet's escape from it all. At Nova, Long Island's Comic Con she meets Vic Williams, her favorite writer and the creator of the character she's cosplaying. To Layla's delight, she and Vic hit it off. After the convention they stay in touch, and their relationship heats up online. With memories of his deep blue eyes and kind compliments about her art still fresh, Layla falls head over heels for Vic. But can a professional really love his fangirl?

#geeky #comic books #cosplay #fangirls #conventions #romance #contemporary romancee


The Judas Goat

by Dan Sheehan

Dave Gillespie's quest for redemption takes him out of this world when a gift of divine weed, shrooms, and cocaine gets him killed a split second early. Hades notes his premature arrival and offers Dave a deal: Change your future for me, and I'll change your past for you. Now Dave must avoid his fated deaths in the Golden Age of Piracy, WWII, and the Vietnam War to win the redemption he seeks and avoid an eternity of regret. An irreverent, R-rated romp through the afterlife that is fun AF.

#timetravel #funny #adult #mythology #pirate #fighter pilot #soldier


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