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List of Note by Note Episodes:

1 - Next Time, I'm Definitely Flying Commercial
2 - I Am Losing My Mind Talking to an Unconscious Man
3 - Thank You for Taking Such Good Care of Me Last Night
4 - You Are a Beauty, Don't Doubt It
5 - If Anyone Can Find Us, The Cooper Family Can
6 - We All Have Choices and Sometimes We Make the Wrong Ones
7 - You're Not Chicken, Are You?
8 - And I Wouldn't Have You Either
9 - Keep Your Heart Out of It, Mate
10 - I Don't Get Nervous, Especially Around Women
11 - A Lady After My Own Heart
12 - It Was ... Magic
13 - Don't Think About Tomorrow
14 - Dance With Me?
15 - She Couldn't Be Wrong, Not This Time
16 - I'm in Deep Like With Him
17 - He Barely Recognized the Man in the Mirror with the Silly Grin on His Face
18 - To the Beautiful, Exciting Woman Who Crashed Into My Life
19 - You Think I'm a Great Kisser?
20 - But We Don't Know if This Is Real
21 - If We Keep This Up, I Won't Want to Leave Tonight
22 - We'll Have to Make This Last for the Whole Week
23 - Can I Tell You That I Miss You?
24 - Fasten Your Seatbelt and Enjoy the Ride
25 - I'm Placing Myself in Your Very Capable Hands
26 - I Kind of Like Having You Around
27 - I Am a Lucky Man
28 - I Have My Moments
29 - In Many Ways, It Was the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me
30 - You Want Me to Do What?
31 - I Can't Say No to Those Eyes
32 - Take Us to the Villa, Leo
33 - Game's Over
34 - Saving My Life is Becoming a Habit With You
35 - Maybe I Enjoy Having a Beautiful Woman Come to My Rescue
36 - I May Never Have a Hot Shower Again
37 - Is There an Us and Is This Real?
38 - You're Saying I Was the Target?
39 - I've Seen That Tattoo Before
40 - That Might Be the Tip of the Iceberg
41 - You Could Be Good for Him
42 - What Do You Think, Rock Star Material?
43 - The Way to a Lady's Heart
44 - No One Had Ever Looked at Him That Way
45 - I Do Have a Great Recipe for Brown Butter Heart Cookies
46 - Obviously That Wasn't the End of It
47 - The Music Could Be the Key to Everything
48 - The Stakes are Getting Higher
49 - Did I Just Admit to Myself that I'm in Love with Her?
50 - Can We Stay Like This Forever?
51 - Just Another Day in the Life of Finn Cooper
52 - There's No Way He Could Be the Cavalier
53 - Am I Ready for This?
54 - All You Have to Do is Say the Word and I'm Yours
55 - It's Not You; It's Me
56 - And It All Went Horribly Wrong
57 - We're Here for our Surfing Lessons
58 - Now You Know What It Would Fell Like to Lose Her
59 - You, My Ridiculous Fool, Are Still in Love with Finn
60 - What Do You Think Would've Happened if the Plane Hadn't Crashed?
61 - You Are Head Over Heels, Aren't You?
62 - She's Not Going to Fall Back in Your Arms Because You're Finn Cooper
63 - We Have Some Unfinished Business
64 - I Didn't Even Get to Tell Her That I Love Her
65 - It Gave You Extra Time
66 - She's Fine at the Moment
67 - Hold On, Finn, Hold On
68 - Come Here and Let Me Hold You
69 - Moments Like This Were Rare and Precious


I also started a new Vella Serial in December:

Forged in Steel - A Donora Family

by Stella Ann George

In 2005, my Aunt Rosella sat down to record our family history. This is exactly as my Aunt told it. She passed a few years ago. I will always be grateful to hear her voice and her great story-telling. She sprinkles facts with sobering and funny stories. I hope you will enjoy this record of my family immigrating to America and working in the steel mill of western PA through the early 1900s, the Depression, the war, and beyond. Maybe you will recognize some of the same circumstances and stories.

#family history #history #biography #pennsylvania #donora #steel mill #life


Featured Vella Serials:

The Agent

by Azrielle Lawless

All souls are different. Human souls aren't the only spirits to inhabit human bodies on this plane. Spirits from other realms such as Heaven and Hell and in-between walk among us. An Agent is an "awakened" human being who in turn awakens non-human spirits to their natures and purposes on this plane. This series follows Alley Driver, a 26 yo old feisty human who awakens angels and fights on the side of the Light. But she's also a woman, and an awakened angel Kadriel awakens a long dormant passion.

#angels #paranormal romance #angel romance #strong female character #fantasy #urban fantasy #azrielle lawless


Andrew Harper and the Guardians of Chester County - Season 1

by Peter Mancusi

Andrew Harper, twelve-year-old honor student, and elite Youth Trooper, is bullied into a camping trip in Woody Hills alleged haunted forest in upstate New York. Soon he discovers a secret society of evil entities and monsters, warlocks and supervillains, and the heroic Guardians who defend the world from them. Season 1 is now complete! Be on the lookout for Season 2.

#superhearoes #guardians #monsters #warlocks #adventure #fantasy #action


The Black Devil Omegaverse (paranormal MM yaoi romance) Season 1 complete, Season 2 happening now!

by Hermit and Star

When the Black-fur Hades meets the no-fur Doll, he can just feel his comfortable life as a back-alley fixer slipping through his paw. Being contracted to take the no-fur away from trouble brewing with his mobster owners to a breeding farm upstate seems like a straightforward enough job. But when it comes to dealing with this particular no-fur, nothing is straightforward. Hermit & Star have created another steamy, dark world - this time with anthropomorphic feline Alphas and their no-fur Omegas!

#omegaverse #anthropomorphic #gay romance #fated mates #m/m #gay #hermit & star



by Maya Kozlova

Rowan Sinclair was just trying to get through life. Until a couple of thugs saw fit to kidnap her after work one night, babbling on about blood marks and vampires. She figured they were crazy, but that was before she saw the mark, met the enigmatic Leonidas Solari, and was reminded of an ancient heritage she'd tried to forget.

#vampires #Maya kozlova #paranormal romance #greek mythology #urban fantasy #contemporary fantasy #fantasy romancee


The Brethren's Prophesy-Dragon's Goddess: Book One

by Debra Elise

A steamy PNR-- Dragon's Goddess includes a dubious prophecy, fated mates, a dragon shifter hero and his five brothers, a Greek Goddess mother who doesn't respect boundaries, plus an absent other-world sire who decides it's time to reconnect. There's action, magic and a quest to save mankind from a power-hungry Duke of Hell. Oh, and an independent, feisty heroine who she just wants her life back after discovering the fairy tales her father weaved of a young goddess-witch--are true.

#paranormal romance #dragon shifter #steamy romance #magic #supernatural #urban fantasy #alpha hero


Clysm Games

by Don Sabasti

It starts with a golem gone wrong. The future is almost dead, struck down by a dark cataclysmic event. A band of brothers torn apart by a curse. Shadows and voids, vines and tentacles, coffee and appletinis. Or, how to birth a goddess, and mutant creatures, and lots of ethereal juices.

#horror thriller #paranormal fantasy #magic erotica #dystopian fantasy #steamy fantasy #fantasy humor #time travel


Courtyards of the Lost

by Brigette Delery

Vampires are dying out. Though their end is near, few know or acknowledge that fact. Darbonne knows- but as he holds himself apart waiting for the end of all their stories, a chance encounter with a mortal upends everything he believes about the fate of vampires- and himself. Amy Trosclair flits unmoored through the New Orleans nights, lost in a past she longs to forget and an all too stifling present. Her life isn't about to change. It changed already - she just hasn't caught up yet.

#New Orleans #slow burn #paranormal #romance #paranormal romance #vampire romance #vampires


Dark: A Survival Creature Horror

by Tirzah M.M. Hawkins

"Is anyone there? We have safety." We have safety. The words pulled at my being even as my brain told me not to trust them. Don't get up your hopes. When you're fifteen, and something they can't describe in your high school biology book comes into your house at night and kills your parents as they sleep, you wonder if safety is a real thing.

#horror #thriller #creature horror #science fiction #survival #tirzah mm hawkins


Dark Family Secrets

by Hoyt Hallford

Betsy Dark is 87 years old. She cooks BBQ, helps her neighbors, and, two years ago, became a vampire. A 400 year-old vampire thinks Betsy is his long-dead granddaughter. His presence in Shermer, Oklahoma, sends Betsy and Sheriff Ralph hunting for what happened to Betsy's grandmother back in the 1880s. This dark comedy, vampire thriller, historical romance is like a combination of Garrison Keillor and Anne Rice. Read a few episodes. Have some tea. Betsy fired up the grill. Welcome to Shermer.

#dark comedy #humor #vampire #witch #horror #horror comedy #hoyt halliard


Demon Powers

by Tony Galloway

Brooklyn has been forgetting things. Like what day it is, where she's been, and whose blood that is on her shirt. With gaps in her memory, and a voice in her head that takes control when she sleeps, how can she keep her family safe? Kurt Levin is a Protector. His job is to police the supernatural, but 22 years ago when his son died he made a deal with Death. Now, payment has come due and the cost might just destroy the world.

#dark fantasy #horror #supernatural #urban fantasy #demons #demon #tony galloway



by L.J. Vitanza

Thought extinct, an unknown species of predators have continued to thrive in the shadow of men. In a quest for a new and distant territory, a young pack of carnivores settles in Yellowstone National Park. With a busy summer season underway, Sam, a resident bear biologist, is thrown into a tangle of puzzling deaths and disappearances. These intelligent creatures stay one step ahead of Sam and her team as they hunt the wildlife and visitors that stumble upon the territorial and ravenous pack.

#creature horror #thriller #dark #horror #death #fiction #suspense


Divine Counseling

by Nikolai Wisekal

Bob is a marriage counselor to the Gods. His current patients are Zeus and Hera whose marital dysfunctions threaten the existence of Olympus. The fallout means cataclysms killing countless mortals. He and Emily with her PhD in the occult, work together to provide the best therapy they can to ensure the safety of the world.

#drama #mysthology #comedy #marriage #relationships #urban fantasy #humor


Fall of Avalon

by J.R. Froemling

I wish... Two words with more power than the magic of true love's kiss. Everything you think you know about the stories is wrong. The kingdom of Nodd has existed since the beginning of time. The stories we weave makes the world they live. The world they live makes the stories we weave. But what happens when one of those worlds falls apart? Follow the tale of a young girl fighting to save her home from becoming just another legend in the pages of time. Verse One of the Chronicles of Nodd.

#fantasy #action & adventure #fairytales #magic #folklore #jrfroemling #mysthology


Galaxy Waffles

by Nikolai Wisekal

The intergalactic service industry isn't for the faint of heart. Join Boris, the chefbot; Murph, the alien shapeshifter; and Jolene, the human empath, as they try to keep their diner ship afloat while their corporate A.I. O. D. and their supervisor from hell, Erabella, watch their every move.

#robots #aliens #comedy #science fiction #scifi #futuristic #humor


Gindlina: Good Witch of the West

by Azrielle Lawless

It's 1845 and Gindlina Uroslov is the 13 year old daughter of Russian immigrants living in New York, and a young hereditary witch in training. In this world, magic is a known quantity, but as it has been used to subjugate norms in the past, it is scorned by most in the New World. Unfortunately, this is where Gindlina's father must establish a branch of the ancient House of Uroslov. Follow Gindlina as she and her family fight to save their magical heritage in a cold and mechanized New World.

#witchcraft #ghosts #witches #magic #fantasy #academy #azrielle lawless



by KC Bellinger

Christmas in the backcountry of Tennesse is pretty slim for Haesel Moss and her family. When a homeward-bound soldier appears to help out, Haesel can't help but fall for him. Her mother is petrified someone will hang her for the witch's scar on her back, but her mark is far from wicked. Haesel faces uncertainty as evil lurks in the mountain mist. Will the handsome stranger lead her to safety or will his demon lineage lead her astray?

#paranormal #Christmas #love story #magic #supernatural #angels and demons #great smoky mountain


Heaven is Hypixel, Hell is LAG - A Kindle Vella Fantasy Story

by Azrielle Lawless

Popular Twitch streamer and legendary Minecraft player Chris Lynch, "BrattyPotato", has just experienced an aneurism event while making Minecraft speed runs. But the afterlife promised by his mama's teachings in no way prepared him for his own experience. Follow Chris as he realizes his consciousness has been respawned into the vivid, blocky world of Minecraft on the Hypixel server array, and as he adventures through this new reality with friends, enemies, monsters and challenges along the way.

#litrpg #young adult #rpg #urban fantasy #gamelit #azrielle lawless


An Invasion of Faeries

by Tony Hart

High school student Tomas had the curse of owning his very own, and very annoying, Tooth Faery. But ridding himself of her will rip his world apart. Follow this completed story to join the young adult fae fantasy adventure. Now completed.

#fantasy #magic #young adult #coming of age #fae #enemies to lovers #faerie


Millicent Miggles - The Yuletide Witch

by Azrielle Lawless

Meet Millicent Miggles, the Yuletide Witch. While other witches work with their powers year-round, Millicent Miggles' witchly gifts only work twenty-one days a year. From Dec 1 - December 21, Millicent Miggles, normally the most forgetful, scorned and maligned witch around, turns into something else entirely. And it's all about bringing joy and security to children of the Goddess in their too-brief childhoods.

#Christmas #yule #inspiring #family values #holiday #azrielle lawless


One of Ours: The Hunter Trials Book One (An Erotic Epic Fantasy Series)

by E. F. Jamison

What would you risk to escape a life of torture? Ziva would risk it all. The Hunter Trials is something most never return from, and the few who do go on to wealth and glory. For Ziva, the only woman ever to enter the trials, her choices are few: win, or die. But, when a mysterious benefactor and his handsome sons give her the chance to make her own fate, Ziva leaps at the opportunity. Follow Ziva's perilous and (consensual) erotic adventures as she fights her way through the Hunter Trials.

#steamy fantasy romance #paranormal erotica #paranormal erotic romance #monster erotica #epic fantasy erotica #reverse harem #erotic fantasy


A People's History of Magic: A Kindle Vella Comedic Science Fantasy

by Kendra Griffin

Dempsey Talis never planned to study magic through an interdimensional satellite campus. But when he returns to college after twenty years, he becomes a test subject for "Metaquantum Physics for Earthlings 101." And this ain't Hogwarts. South Philly CC offers no house elves, no steaming mugs of cider, no never-ending supply of anything but unanswered questions. Dempsey and his band of merry misfits don't even have wands. So they'll be fighting intergalactic archenemies with... their wits?

#science fantasy #magic #portal #humor #adventure #paranormal #love


Scary Tales for Dark Nights

by C S C Shows

Scary Tales for Dark Nights will make you wish you had turned on the lights. Pull the covers close--no hanging a foot over the edge, now--and keep one eye on the closet door. What's that sound? Oh, it's just the wind, you tell yourself. Steady your trembling hands. Calm your pounding heart. Are you ready? Then, let's start...

#paranormal #horror #suspense #halloween #thriller #scary stories #ya horror


A Season of Strife: The Wiles of Esther

by Christopher Stanfield

If the days of the Devil are numbered, what's a demon to do? As the War for Souls hurtles towards a shocking end, Esther must brave a strange new world. Surviving it won't be easy, but then again, when the fuck has it ever been?

#supernatural #urban fantasy #demons #female protagonist #dark fantasy #nystery #thriller


Spells Trouble

by Ema Lemming

After the death of her parents, Genevieve Leclaire has no choice but to move with her trusty shiba inu pal, Oreo, and the only opening is in a unit with a grumpy sheriff and a constantly-drinking bartender. What could go wrong? It turns out, a lot when her room belonged to the recently-missing Jeremy Leclair. With cryptic messages appearing in books, Jeremy's body turning up in an alley, and her sheriff roommate acting awfully suspicious, Genevieve is determined to get to the bottom of things.

#cozy mystery #romance #paranormal cozy mystery #amateur sleuth #female lead #magic #murder


Suddenly, Omega

by Grayson Bell

Pete Grainger grew up believing he was a beta. After his parents die in a tragic car accident, he falls deathly ill and winds up in the emergency room, where the truth of his biology unravels. Dr. Ryan Walsh, an alpha, works to save the young man's life and helps him through his first heat. "Suddenly, Omega" is a queer erotic romance about finding love, acceptance, and family in the aftermath of betrayal.

#omegaverse #lgbtq #hurt/comfort #mmromance #paranormal romance #true mates #grayson bell


We Own These Streets

by Rose Sinclair

A deadly accident. A fake identity only known by friends. And a truth that changes everything. When Victor broke into Iris' repair shop, she expected a profit raid, not an unknown racer fit for the pro-circuit. But their unintentional attraction provides a chance to get what they both want: a way out. When adrenaline remains the most addictive commodity in a corporate sponsored world, it's hard to know who to trust and who is trying to sell you something. The race is on, but can they ever stop?

#crime #action & adventure #mc romance #dark romance #lgbtq #romance #suspense


Who Wants to be a Sidekick?

by N. Y. Seely

Sidekick Wanted. No experience necessary. This sounds like the perfect side hustle for a financially-challenged bicycle courier like me. Besides, who doesn't want to be a hero?

#superhero #near-future #female protagonist #humor #n. y. Seedy #urban fantasy


The Wild Country Series

by Malcolm Omega

The Wild Country is an unforgiving continent, filled with monsters, magic, and war. Humans, Elves, and Dwarves do what they can to survive. But when a monster needs slaying, a nobleman's family needs protecting, or a caravan needs escorting, everyone calls upon the Marauders. The Marauders are an order born of criminals and bandits, who have evolved into warriors expertly trained in combat, magic, and alchemy. By their Word of Honor, they will get the job done to the best of their ability.

#adventure #fantasy #magic #monsters #wandering hero #sword and sorcery


The Wizard's Kin

by Robert Grayson

For as long as they can remember, Arron and Pix have known life in a woodland tower with the man they call Father--a grizzled old mage from a bygone era. But when the past deeds of their benefactor come calling, they suddenly find themselves deep in a world foreign and perilous.

#fantasy #coming of age #elves #adventure #magic #love #action



by Millie Lake

What would you do if someone grabbed your butt at the gym? Angry and embarrassed, Amy stomps into the gym owner's office to lodge a complaint. Instead, she finds herself faced with Luc, one of the sexiest men she's ever seen. When he offers a place in his company, Amy knows she should turn him down. But she's desperate--desperate for job, desperate for an income--and desperate for more time near her new boss.

#romance #contemporary romance #steamy #workplace romance #alpha male #strong female lead #millie lake


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