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Sydney, Australia is the home of Jessica Turner and Finn Cooper in Note by Note.

Sydney is the most well-known city in Australia, but it is not the capital of the country. That’s Canberra farther south. But Sydney, with its famous Harbor and Opera House, has all the excitement of a major world city.

*Sydney is located in the state of New South Wales on the east coast

*It is Australia’s most populous city and has 658 suburbs

*Lieutenant James Cook charted the eastern coast of Australia, landing at Botany Bay

* Sydney was founded as a British penal colony in 1788, but penal transportation ended after Sydney became a city in 1842

*There was mass migration to Sydney after World War II and it is now a major global cultural and economic center

*It often ranks in the top 10 of the most livable cities in the world

Guide to Sydney -

List of Note by Note Episodes:

1 - Next Time, I'm Definitely Flying Commercial
2 - I Am Losing My Mind Talking to an Unconscious Man
3 - Thank You for Taking Such Good Care of Me Last Night
4 - You Are a Beauty, Don't Doubt It
5 - If Anyone Can Find Us, The Cooper Family Can
6 - We All Have Choices and Sometimes We Make the Wrong Ones
7 - You're Not Chicken, Are You?
8 - And I Wouldn't Have You Either
9 - Keep Your Heart Out of It, Mate
10 - I Don't Get Nervous, Especially Around Women
11 - A Lady After My Own Heart
12 - It Was ... Magic
13 - Don't Think About Tomorrow
14 - Dance With Me?
15 - She Couldn't Be Wrong, Not This Time
16 - I'm in Deep Like With Him
17 - He Barely Recognized the Man in the Mirror with the Silly Grin on His Face
18 - To the Beautiful, Exciting Woman Who Crashed Into My Life
19 - You Think I'm a Great Kisser?
20 - But We Don't Know if This Is Real
21 - If We Keep This Up, I Won't Want to Leave Tonight
22 - We'll Have to Make This Last for the Whole Week
23 - Can I Tell You That I Miss You?
24 - Fasten Your Seatbelt and Enjoy the Ride
25 - I'm Placing Myself in Your Very Capable Hands
26 - I Kind of Like Having You Around
27 - I Am a Lucky Man
28 - I Have My Moments
29 - In Many Ways, It Was the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me
30 - You Want Me to Do What?
31 - I Can't Say No to Those Eyes
32 - Take Us to the Villa, Leo
33 - Game's Over
34 - Saving My Life is Becoming a Habit With You
35 - Maybe I Enjoy Having a Beautiful Woman Come to My Rescue
36 - I May Never Have a Hot Shower Again
37 - Is There an Us and Is This Real?
38 - You're Saying I Was the Target?
39 - I've Seen That Tattoo Before
40 - That Might Be the Tip of the Iceberg
41 - You Could Be Good for Him
42 - What Do You Think, Rock Star Material?
43 - The Way to a Lady's Heart
44 - No One Had Ever Looked at Him That Way
45 - I Do Have a Great Recipe for Brown Butter Heart Cookies
46 - Obviously That Wasn't the End of It
47 - The Music Could Be the Key to Everything
48 - The Stakes are Getting Higher
49 - Did I Just Admit to Myself that I'm in Love with Her?
50 - Can We Stay Like This Forever?
51 - Just Another Day in the Life of Finn Cooper
52 - There's No Way He Could Be the Cavalier
53 - Am I Ready for This?
54 - All You Have to Do is Say the Word and I'm Yours
55 - It's Not You; It's Me
56 - And It All Went Horribly Wrong
57 - We're Here for our Surfing Lessons
58 - Now You Know What It Would Fell Like to Lose Her
59 - You, My Ridiculous Fool, Are Still in Love with Finn
60 - What Do You Think Would've Happened if the Plane Hadn't Crashed?
61 - You Are Head Over Heels, Aren't You?
62 - She's Not Going to Fall Back in Your Arms Because You're Finn Cooper
63 - We Have Some Unfinished Business


I also started a new Vella Serial in December:

Forged in Steel - A Donora Family

by Stella Ann George

In 2005, my Aunt Rosella sat down to record our family history. This is exactly as my Aunt told it. She passed a few years ago. I will always be grateful to hear her voice and her great story-telling. She sprinkles facts with sobering and funny stories. I hope you will enjoy this record of my family immigrating to America and working in the steel mill of western PA through the early 1900s, the Depression, the war, and beyond. Maybe you will recognize some of the same circumstances and stories.

#family history #history #biography #pennsylvania #donora #steel mill #life


New Featured Vella Serials:

Sienna's Dying Well: A Time Travel Romance

by Sunny Axe Bee

Sienna feels like an idiot for giving too many years of her life to Alden. On the night of her break up, she falls into an old New Orleans' well and wakes up five years in the past - right next to Ha-Kun, the man she should have taken a chance on while studying in Boston. Now that the dying well has given her a do-over, will she make the right choice?

#romance #time travel #fantasy #new adult #contemporary #second chance #interracial


Farmers, Soldiers, Miners: The Blessing Family Saga

by Miranda Schell

Lewis Blessing's four children take different paths in 1820s America. John scouts for new land far from their Virginia home. Jacob, Mary, and Elizabeth soon follow him to Ohio, while Abraham moves his young family across treacherous terrain to Missouri. Through disease, territorial wars, and family breaks, the Blessing siblings do what needs to be done to keep their family and their legacy intact.

#adventure #life #biography #pioneer families #american history #love #family


The Adventures of an Intergalactic Bordello Worker

by Cinnamon Carnelian

A cheating ex-husband. An old-fashioned, religious family. A break for freedom and her own life. Running away to a new planet was the only adult way to handle the situation. Side by side with her new friend, Rusty builds the life she wants with the experiences she wants. (The accuracy of this story is little to nothing. Please do not take it or the information it contains seriously. It's just a story. 18+ May not be suitable for people under the age of 18.)

#explicit content #sex #erotica #erotic romance #science fiction #steamy #sinnamon carnelian


Unforgettable Monarch

by Y Stokes

When the heir to the throne is deemed a psychopath, traditions are challenged. Members of the royal family are forced to do unthinkable things, all while trying to keep control over the empire. Will the people of Tally over throw the ruling family?

#fantasy #medieval #historical fantasy #thriller #adventure #epic fantasy #suspense


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