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Note by Note and More Friday, July 30, 2021

Hello! Hope you have had a great week and are looking forward to the weekend! How about a little reading to relax and unwind?

Note by Note has been updated with 2 new episodes this week:

14 - Dance with Me? - it's a little steamy

15 - She Couldn't Be Wrong, Not This Time


And today I am featuring 6 Kindle Vella stories and the authors who are sharing this new adventure with me. They have a wide range of genres and various degrees of steam. I will be doing this regularly and there will be something for everyone! Enjoy! Follow your faves and give a thumbs up to your favorite episodes!

Miss Whittington’s Wager

by Lynette Marie

Miss Magnolia Whittington is possessed of an effervescent personality and charming wit. She appears to be a happy lady, but her bright smile hides a broken heart. The Duke of Wakefield has spent too long toiling on his country estate. Through circumstances beyond his control, he is forced to return to London. The history that once kept them apart now draws them together as they battle unseen forces bent on their destruction. Will they emerge triumphant, and repair what went wrong between them?

#regency romance #victorian romance #just kisses #romance #sweet romance #historical romance #clean romance

There are currently 12 episodes available.



A Confederacy of Hearts

by Ambrosine Beauregard

Reluctant debutante Magnolia Devereaux flounders during the 1859 New Orleans social season despite being from a highly respected family of the River Parishes. Groomed by tragedy into the capable mistress of her Papa's plantation, Magnolia prefers not to play games of courtship. Her joy at finding a match with her brother's Yankee business partner is cut short when a ruthless suitor vows vengeance, political tensions rise, and War Between the States breaks out. Can their love bridge the divide?

#historical #romance #family saga #just kisses #clean and wholesome #civil war #sweet romance

There are currently15 episodes available.



Rules of a Rebound

by Julie Carver

The Rules of a Rebound are easy. Less talking, more kissing. Fewer dates, more orgasms. Forget your inhibitions and ignore your heart. Lily wasn't looking for a rebound, but after one conversation with Jack, she wants one. The tall, dark, former boy-band member is thrilled to help her in the bedroom. Or the fitting room, or his office. But, when Jack's world is threatened, Lily must decide if she can walk away or if she can ignore the rules and fight for something she never expected to find.

#rock star romance #steamy romance #rebound romance #romantic comedy #los angeles #contemporary romance

There are currently 12 episodes available.



The Ruin of the Watcher

By Collings MacCrae

Fox Argall looks like a hero: the handsome, over-educated detective. The past has proved the truth is far different. Fox is a runner. He flees instead of fighting, as his powerful enemies know well. Fox lies instead of living.

This time his enemies have decided to follow him. Finish him.

This time, Fox will find a string of children, harmed and dead, left at his doorstep like offerings. Like breadcrumbs leading to the final show, each victim gives another clue to how his family will die.

Fox has a decision to make.

#poc main characters #relationships #series #detective #mystery #thriller #neurodiversity

There are currently 20 episodes available.



The Arodazac Sisters: A Supernatural Adventure

By Caitlin Mazur

Tired of endless family secrets, two sisters discover a hidden world of deadly monsters. Can they survive a new life filled with the supernatural, mayhem, and murder?

#supernatural #occult #magic #teenage heroine #young adult paranormal #werewolves #supernatural hunter

There are currently 8 episodes.

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