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Happy Spring! Note by Note is Complete, Memory by Memory is New, and Plenty of Kindle Vella Serials to Read

Hi everyone!

Spring has sprung!

Note by Note is now complete! Will be writing a sequel coming in April!

If you like the episodes, please consider tapping the thumbs up at the end of each one and follow the story.

And don't forget to crown it if it's among your favorites!

There is a new serial, Memory by Memory, featuring Max from Note by Note in is own romantic suspense adventure in Hawaii!

And don't forget my non-fiction serial, Forged in Steel, about my family history growing up in the steel town of Donora, Pennsylvania!

And we have new Kindle Vella serials for you to enjoy!

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List of Note by Note Episodes:

1 - Next Time, I'm Definitely Flying Commercial
2 - I Am Losing My Mind Talking to an Unconscious Man
3 - Thank You for Taking Such Good Care of Me Last Night
4 - You Are a Beauty, Don't Doubt It
5 - If Anyone Can Find Us, The Cooper Family Can
6 - We All Have Choices and Sometimes We Make the Wrong Ones
7 - You're Not Chicken, Are You?
8 - And I Wouldn't Have You Either
9 - Keep Your Heart Out of It, Mate
10 - I Don't Get Nervous, Especially Around Women
11 - A Lady After My Own Heart
12 - It Was ... Magic
13 - Don't Think About Tomorrow
14 - Dance With Me?
15 - She Couldn't Be Wrong, Not This Time
16 - I'm in Deep Like With Him
17 - He Barely Recognized the Man in the Mirror with the Silly Grin on His Face
18 - To the Beautiful, Exciting Woman Who Crashed Into My Life
19 - You Think I'm a Great Kisser?
20 - But We Don't Know if This Is Real
21 - If We Keep This Up, I Won't Want to Leave Tonight
22 - We'll Have to Make This Last for the Whole Week
23 - Can I Tell You That I Miss You?
24 - Fasten Your Seatbelt and Enjoy the Ride
25 - I'm Placing Myself in Your Very Capable Hands
26 - I Kind of Like Having You Around
27 - I Am a Lucky Man
28 - I Have My Moments
29 - In Many Ways, It Was the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me
30 - You Want Me to Do What?
31 - I Can't Say No to Those Eyes
32 - Take Us to the Villa, Leo
33 - Game's Over
34 - Saving My Life is Becoming a Habit With You
35 - Maybe I Enjoy Having a Beautiful Woman Come to My Rescue
36 - I May Never Have a Hot Shower Again
37 - Is There an Us and Is This Real?
38 - You're Saying I Was the Target?
39 - I've Seen That Tattoo Before
40 - That Might Be the Tip of the Iceberg
41 - You Could Be Good for Him
42 - What Do You Think, Rock Star Material?
43 - The Way to a Lady's Heart
44 - No One Had Ever Looked at Him That Way
45 - I Do Have a Great Recipe for Brown Butter Heart Cookies
46 - Obviously That Wasn't the End of It
47 - The Music Could Be the Key to Everything
48 - The Stakes are Getting Higher
49 - Did I Just Admit to Myself that I'm in Love with Her?
50 - Can We Stay Like This Forever?
51 - Just Another Day in the Life of Finn Cooper
52 - There's No Way He Could Be the Cavalier
53 - Am I Ready for This?
54 - All You Have to Do is Say the Word and I'm Yours
55 - It's Not You; It's Me
56 - And It All Went Horribly Wrong
57 - We're Here for our Surfing Lessons
58 - Now You Know What It Would Fell Like to Lose Her
59 - You, My Ridiculous Fool, Are Still in Love with Finn
60 - What Do You Think Would've Happened if the Plane Hadn't Crashed?
61 - You Are Head Over Heels, Aren't You?
62 - She's Not Going to Fall Back in Your Arms Because You're Finn Cooper
63 - We Have Some Unfinished Business
64 - I Didn't Even Get to Tell Her That I Love Her
65 - It Gave You Extra Time
66 - She's Fine at the Moment
67 - Hold On, Finn, Hold On
68 - Come Here and Let Me Hold You
69 - Moments Like This Were Rare and Precious
70 - Hello, Mrs. Cooper
71 - Welcome to Our Hideaway
72 - Make Me Your Wife in Every Way
73 - Lead the Way, I'm All Yours
74 - See Something you Like?
75 - How About We Change It to Kiss Poker?
76 - I Love You in These Leather Pants
77 - None of it is Real
78 Jessica Offers Me What All the Money in the World Can't Buy
79 - All of Them Are Yours
80 - We're Going to Take a Little Ride
81 - All Was Right With Their World


Memory by Memory Episodes:

1 - I Am in Serious Trouble
2 - This is Like a Bad B Movie
3 - Maxwell … Smart
4 - He Didn't Feel Like a Criminal


Forged in Steel Episodes:

1 - Settling in America
2 - Colorado and Helen Beth
3 - A Sister's Doll Meets Her Fate
4 - The Depression and the Piano
5 - Reverse Psychology Fails
6 - Secretarial School and a Job at the Steel Mill
7 - A Brother's Service in WWII
8 - Family History with Us Steel, Football, and Sunday Soup
9 - Paying on the Book During Tough Times
10 - Beginning a New Life on the Other Side of Pennsylvania
11 - A Pony is Unpredictable
12 - Good Friends
13 - Blackberry Wine, a New Coat, Radio Shows, and Games
14 - More of WWII
15 - Traveling with Family to California
16 - Another Trip to California
17 - George's Wife, Audrey



Featured Vella Serials:


by Kell Frillman

A prison disguised as a town in the near future hides away victims of genetic experimentation. The experiments have caused a multitude of mental anomalies and the government continues to use the victims as lab rats. The story of Beechwood begins with a murder that no one is able to solve. As the layers of perplexity unfold, secrets beyond what goes on in The Tower begin to reveal themselves. In Beechwood, everyone has something to hide, and everyone is a suspect. *Updates Every Saturday

#science fiction #mystery #drama #thriller #suspense #fiction #romance



The Crimson Diary

by C S C Shows

After finding a mysterious diary on a shelf, shy and frumpy librarian Kacey's life begins to drastically change. What mysterious magic do its pages hold? And what happens when her good luck runs out? Its glowing red cover should be a warning, but so much good fortune befalls those who open it and read its words that the peculiar red iridescence is ignored. This diary contains a strange magic, and good fortunes turn dangerous in a game that only the maker of the book fully understands.

#supernatural #paranormal #thriller #suspense #urban fantasy #mythology #magic



The Darkness: Secrets of the Bayou

by Des Sweet

Pearl is just your ordinary girl, or is she? Whisked away from her home, Herbert Manor, to the far off depths of the Bayou it is there Pearl will discover not just who, but what she is. The Boudreaux's have been searching for Pearl and are willing to trade both money and status in exchange for a marriage proposal. Will Pearl accept her destiny or will she turn her back and run from it? Find out in the exciting first installment of The Darkness Series.

#romance #romantic suspense #suspense #drama #dark #fiction #monsters



Desperate Passions

by Sheila Selling

Can James rescue Sarah before Dillan steals her heart? Sarah Hanson is the school teacher in the small town of Spring Rapids and is being pursued romantically by the town sheriff, James Riley. Unforeseen events throw Sarah together with a drifter named Dillan Davis and his younger sister, Jenny. James strikes out on a man hunt to locate them, but can he rescue Sarah before Dillan steals her heart? Will he even want her in the end?

#western #cowboys #indians #love #outlaws #on the run



The Force of Magic

by Hunter Chadwick

A fantasy adventure story. When the evil rulers in power begin to experiment on their subjects in order to find the secret of eternal life, it takes a surprising turn when some of them develop incredible powers. Can our young heroes use their super hero like powers to overcome a force of seemingly unstoppable evil?

#super powers #hunterchadwick #mutants #magic #rebellion #adventure #coming of age



Letters in the Wind

by Sheila Selling

This is the fictional diary of an American Christian soldier in Iraq during the year 2003 when the US invaded the country with the support of Britain, Australia, Poland, Spain, and Denmark. The invasion lasted from March 20 to May 1, but troops remained until December 2011. Follow our soldier as he travels this adventure. Take a look inside his life and thoughts.

#iraq #war #fighting #christian #soldier #military #prayer



The Mystic Lady

by Sheila Selling

Desire will be the undoing of the mysterious pirate, Captain DeLaroache. After taking on the crew of a storm-wrecked vessel, chaos ensues. Can the captain maintain a perfectly planned pirate enterprise when passion threatens to reveal guarded secrets and destroy a reputation that took years to build?

#pirates #love #prayer #romance #1600s



Renata's Dying Well: A Time Travel Romance

by Sunny Axe Bee

Funeral director Renata yearns to feel alive after years of loyalty and obedience to her family. To numb her pain, she drinks herself into a drunken stupor and falls into a magical well. The magical well takes her straight to Henri - an eighteenth-century fur trapper who understands all about loyalty. With him, life is about survival. But she might not survive when he accuses her of being a witch.

#time travel romance #fantasy #historical romance #romance #interacial romance #adventure romance #time travel




by Liz Johnson

Discover Telanthria, a world of political intrigue, fate crossed lovers and vampiric lunar magic. Follow Ryu and Sumire as they discover the unbelievable truth about his past and unveil the gruesome secrets the seemingly benevolent leader of the Crystallus Order, Jiro Tatsu is hiding. A shadowy truth that is not only a bridge to Ryu's past but a key to finding the only one who can stop Jiro from resurrecting the Dark Thaumaturgist Castiel, his demonic master. CW: Intended for mature audience.

#vampire #werewolf #magic #romance #ninja #supernatural #pirate



A Thing Immortal - A Dark Fantasy

by Barry K Gregory

The old man with eyes the color of wildflowers and skin as white as driven snow had convinced the girl with no name to leave her captor's shack. But could he get her past the warded trees and to freedom before her captor returned and killed them both?

#weird western #horror #monsters #immortal #magic #gods #dark fantasy



The Unicorn Conspiracy

by AR DeClerk

An anarchist hacker has created a rogue virus and inserted it into the mainframe of the world's most popular VR platform. Known as a Unicorn, the virus can run amok through the system, randomly changing code in every level, putting players at risk. The top four players are recruited to hunt down the hacker and her virus before The GAME topples, taking millions of lives with it.

#litrpg #gaming #adventure #science fiction #technology #virtual reality #unicorn



A World of Love: Myrtle Jolly's Life and Legacy

by Miranda Schell

Deserted by her husband, Myrtle gives up her firstborn son for adoption in April 1931. Myrtle refuses to give into grief, and searches for ways to create a family that has been denied to her, even if it bucks societal norms. ~ Through oral and written stories, documents, personal letters, family memories, and pictures, a rich story emerges of one woman's unwavering conviction in family and love, even in her darkest moments. Cheerful and resilient, she truly believed the world was full of love.

#biography #life #relationships #love #family #inspirational #miranda schell



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