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Note by Note and Other Kindle Vella Serials November 12, 2021

Hi everyone!

Hope you are enjoying November! We here in the US are looking forward to Thanksgiving soon! Take a break and read some new and exciting serials!

Note by Note has been updated with new episodes:

44 - No One Had Ever Looked at Him That Way

45 - I Do Have a Great Recipe for Brown Butter Heart Cookies

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We have two new Kindle Vella serials for you this week:

Fade to Black

by Diana Nelson

Jessie hates novels with fade to black scenes, but she doesn't gripe to her friends in her book club. No, she decided to start a blog, bringing those mysterious blank spots in novels to life. The popularity of the online reviews started gaining her some notoriety with like-minded readers and her latest blog post brings the mystery author himself into her life. She thought he might be one of her fantasy men come to life, but then he opened his mouth, demanding she retract her latest review.

#romance #humor #steamy #love #erotica #enemies to lovers #contemporary romance



Revenge Swap

by Y Stokes

Usually, the Universe wills the hands of karma, but some are too impatient to wait on retribution from the Cosmos. They prefer revenge instead. Carl Hollister is an up and coming architect from Georgia. He's been in a seven-year relationship with Victoria Manley, which is convenient at best. Both are charting on new horizons until karma disguised as revenge comes calling.

#sweet romance #romance #drama #suspense #just kisses #clean romance #love triangle


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