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Kindle Vella Stories Including Note by Note October 22, 2021

Hi everyone! October is coming to a close soon and November will herald in the colder weather. Grab a cup of coffee or hot chocolate and curl up with a great Kindle Serial!

Note by Note has been updated with new episodes the past couple of weeks:

34 - Saving My Life is Becoming a Habit with You

35 - Maybe I Enjoy Having a Beautiful Woman Come to My Rescue

36 - I May Never Have a Hot Shower Again

37 - Is There an Us and Is This Real?

38 - You're Saying I Was the Target?

39 - I've Seen That Tattoo Before

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Here are some more Kindle Vella Serials for you to enjoy!

Tower of Memories

by Alyssa Louttit

For almost her entire life Serafina Stewart has wished for one thing: to attend The Towers of Nine School of Magic Study and Practice. And finally at age fifteen she can attend. Unfortunately, nothing her mother told her could have prepared her for the danger that awaits her in those ancient halls and looming towers. But it takes more than some spiders and ghosts to stop this Dragon.

#witches #magic #lgbtqia+ #magic school #young adult #female protagonist #gothic

There are 35 episodes available.



High Heels & Aprons

By Ever Rose

When Karrington meets her neighbor, she was lost of words. His witty aprons weren't the only thing that catch her attention. Brayden soon finds his feisty neighbor intriguing. When she locks herself out, they find a strange connection, leaving both of them wondering if they should cross the line or not.

#cougar #steamy #agegap #contemporary romance #love triangle #love #chic lit

There are 10 episodes available.



Lie Doggo

By Ever Rose

Sommer thought she found her Prince Charming, but what she found was a well-disguised devil. Her plan of lie doggo was in place but plans are meant to be broken. Fighting for her life and escaping, would he find her hidden away? Would he haunt her for the rest of her life? Will she find everything she ever wanted for it to be only taken away from her?

#abuse #dark romance #love #suspense #drama #crime #murder

There are 3 episodes available.



Through the Trees

By Jody Wenner

The near future. A weaponized virus. A new lockdown. Kimberly knows what it's like to be a bird locked in a cage, but this time things feel different. This time, she isn't sure if she'll be given the key.

#quarantinestory #potentiallovestory #speculative #future fiction #romance #sci-fi #complete

There are 20 episodes available.



Revere Me

By Lina Jubilee

Brecc: I've waited an eon to find you. My bride, the other half to my soul. My need for you threatens us all. Nonetheless, I will have you. Love me. Revere me. Edony: No far should have sought my hand at the Fae King's Fete. Yet you caught me breaking the rules. Instead of banishing me to the labyrinth of madness, you vowed to let the world crumble to have me at your side. To escape you, I'll go willingly into the maze. You will never find me. I will never yield. Even though I crave you.

#magic #romance #fantasy #adventure #forbiddenromance #fantasy romance #steamy

There are 36 episodes available.



Defender in Stone: A Gargoyle Romance

By Diana Nelson

Aideen was considered to be one of the most powerful magic wielders of her generation. She only had one problem now. Her power was beginning to fail, with madness or death being the two outcomes that awaited her. She only found solace when she was near her sleeping gargoyle, but he no longer sleeps. New episodes every Tuesday and Saturday.

#paranormal #gargoyle romance #romance #paranormal romance #supernatural #fantasy #love

There are 28 episodes available.



Vile Planet

By Eric Dabbs

For more than a century, the space ark Novus One has orbited Earth, waiting for the planet to offer new hope for humanity after all had been lost to a global ocean. The brightest minds built the space ark where Noah Grey slept in cry stasis until the awakening. The designers conceived of a way to restore life to the planet after the waters receded. For Noah, the descent to a new Earth means life within the boundaries of the habitat. But he's about to find out the reseeding is not all it seems.

#science fiction #adventure #romance #action #dystopian #apocalypse #sci-fi

There are 19 episodes available.


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