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Note by Note update and Other Kindle Serials for Those Cool Autumn Nights

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Note by Note has been updated with new episodes:

40 - That Might Be the Tip of the Iceberg

41 - You Could Be Good for Him

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More exciting Kindle Vella stories for those cool autumn nights!

Rise from Ashes: Book 1 of Mystic Born Saga

by J. M. Guilfoyle

Alex Reiser spent nearly half his life confined in the walls of a Safe Haven, the best place to keep dangerous aberrants, aka mutants, like him from harming people. But when something that looks like a demon from hell attacks the Safe Haven, the media blames Alex for a mass breakout that didn't happen. It was a slaughter. Emmeline Bishop didn't plan to save anyone. She was sneaking into Safe Haven facilities to gather incriminating evidence. But she couldn't leave the few survivors behind.

#urban fantasy #magic #new adult #mutants #demons #adventure #mystery



Edmund and Ella: Loss and Love in the 1800s Pacific Northwest

by Miranda Schell

Stoic Edmund, a Swedish immigrant, has fended for himself since he was ten. Impulsive Ella traces her family to 1600s Virginia and grew up in modest comfort. When they meet in 1887 in Washington Territory they couldn't be more different, but loneliness draws them together. From Wenatchee Valley farmland to city-life in Seattle, and on to the San Juan Islands, they weather hardship and heartache to find joy in family. Step back in time to follow the humble lives of two American pioneers.

#american pioneers #frontier settlers #1800s American history #adventure #family stories #family history #biography



Chasing Heaven

by Ruben Belizaire

At twenty-four, Ezekial Jackson, back in sunny Orlando, Florida after serving in the US Navy, is starting his life over from scratch. When Ezekiel Jackson returned to college, he never expected to fall in love when he rushed over to help that fallen girl. Was it love at first sight? Determine to find the answer he searches for this girl his mind refuses to let fade away. Thus begins a journey for love and a set of challenges he must overcome including a past lover, who just won't let go.

#romance #romantic suspense #steamy #college romance #young adult #tragedy #drama



The Ruin of the Watcher (Complete) - Book One in the Fox Argall Mystery Series

by Collings MacCrae

On paper, Detective Fox Argall is a hero; handsome, wildly over-educated, eccentric, adoring his wife with epic passion. When a string of broken children arrive on his doorstep like offerings, Fox is forced to follow the breadcrumbs to a showdown with an old and dangerous enemy. The last time they met, Fox ran for his life. This time, it's not just his life on the line. It's the innocent children. It's his family. This time, he can't run. Fox knows he can't live if they die.

#mystery #murder #crime #detective #murder mystery #redemption #fox argali




by Talia Vines

No one here, living or dead, is who they seem.

#shocking twists #slow burn romance #gothic romance #mystery #billionaire #supernatural #romance



Fortune's Fool

by Greg Kithe

Chance McCabe returned to his hometown to see his father one last time before the old man died. That was his first mistake. Unknowingly walking in on a meeting of the local crime boss and his associates at the town diner - - and then sitting down to have breakfast anyway - - was the second.

#murder #dark #noir #action #suspense #crime #mystery



A Trashy Alien Romance

by Sinnamon Carnelian

After giving up her spot on the last emergency transport, Nadia spent five long years working the mines of a Dulphene POW Camp. She believed she belonged there because of the past mistakes that forced her into the military. But now, new blood oils the gears of fate. (The accuracy of this story is little to nothing. Please do not take it or the information it contains seriously. It's just a story. 18+ May not be suitable for people under the age of 18.)

#love triangle military #romance erotica aliens #scifi female lead #sinnamon carnelian #trashy romance friendship #scifi romance #alien romance



The Last Firn

by Sinnamon Carnelian

With the Bridine assaulting their borders, the kingdoms of Iron Tree and Etheros form an alliance to stand against them. All alliance sealed with the prince of Etheros choosing a magical bride. His bride-to-be is more than she seems, bringing the wrath of the Kingdom of Priba and being hunted incessantly by the Bridine.

#romance fantasy elves #arranged marriage magic #secret child female lead #healthy friendships #sinnamon carnelian #slow burn romance #love triangle



Rise of the Aerolith

by Perry George

The low-leveler Coree Mayson, the Aerolith bunker feels like the most suffocating place on Earth. Which sucks because it's the only place on Earth — the only habitable place, that is. For the Heir Apparent, Abel Bridget, that's more than fine. He's on track to become Congress's highest ranking delegate. Neither has reason to believe life will stray from its predefined path. The society and forma within have functioned as a well-oiled machine for hundreds of years. That's all about to change.

#science fiction #adventure #dystopian #mystery #spy fiction #lgbtq #romance



A Trashy Medieval Romance (Completed)

by Sinnamon Carnelian

Lust and love are such fickle things. One day you are pursued by one, the next day the other pounces. Teagan had dedicated her life to the care of the war orphans in her kingdom, thinking of only them until she is forced to do otherwise. (The accuracy of this story is little to nothing. Please do not take it or the information it contains seriously. It's just a story. 18+ Not suitable for people under the age of 18.)

#medieval romance #trashy romance #castles #scared hero healthy #strong female friendship #military war hero orphans #sinnamon carnelian


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