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Note by Note and Kindle Vella Serials Updated September 17, 2021

Hi everyone! Hope you are all settling in for a fun fall and finding time to read your favorite stories!

Note by Note was updated with 2 new episodes this week:

28 - I Have My Moments

29 - In Many Ways, It Was the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me

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Blood Ties That Bind: A Vampire Romance

By Diana Nelson

A handsome face and ice-blue eyes weren't the only things that threw her life into chaos. Now she had a psychotic vampire focused solely on her death. Emma's survival in the new world of Supernaturals depends on her placing trust in one of them. New episodes every Thursday and Sunday.

#romance #vampire #supernatural #paranormal #paranormal romance #fantasy #love

There are 57 episodes available.



Change in Eyre (completed)

By Ashley Eppley

Mary Jane Erin had an unpleasant childhood. Her means of escaping was reading her favorite book, Jane Eyre. Mary Jane channeled all that suffering in becoming an accomplished professor and author at Oxford specializing in Charlotte Bronte. She is transported and switches places with her favorite heroine, Jane Eyre, and is later drawn in by the mesmerizing Rochester. Will Mary Jane's past struggles get the best of her, or will she succumb to the desire of her heart and change in eyre in Jane Eyre?

#Jane eyre #romance #modern retelling #historical fiction

There are 35 episodes available.



Change in Rochester (ongoing, update every Saturday)

By Ashley Eppley

This is the sequel to the book, Change of Eyre. The story leaves off with Edward Fairfax Rochester leaving his means, wealth, and reputation to follow his beloved Governess Mary Jane into the 21st Century. Rochester working along aside of her as Professor in Oxford. But unfortunately, a thorn lies hidden in their love. Now Rochester has to cope with working with his beloved, hoping she would remember or try to gain a fresh start together. That won't come easily, for Rochester knows he must change.

#Jane eyre #romance #historical romance #period drama

There are currently 7 episodes available.



Serene Justice (completed)

By Ashley Eppley

Clara Serene, a detective in the Philadelphia special victims unit, is engaged to her sergeant Eric Holder. Together they were catching an uber driver rapist who attacked three women on the day they turned 21 years old at the Skygarten Bar. Now Clara wants justice with the help of Eric's twin private eye brother, Peter, to help catch the man who took everything from Clara. Will she get her justice or revenge or will she find something greater in the end with Serene justice?

#crime romance #romance #action and adventure

There are 12 episodes available.



Nerida Kai

By Larae Mitchell

Shaktiri is lost in grief and coping will need to wait. Her world turned inside out with the crash of a single wave. There are forces at work that she has no understanding of, and everyone seems to have their own agenda. Trusting Rodan might be a mistake but there is no mistaking the feelings he stirs in her. Could any of this be true? Maybe this is all just her mind trying to cope. Or … maybe … she is a mermaid princess torn from her home by the first man she trusted.

#mermaid #factions #female lead #romance #elemental #native #gods

There are 18 episodes available.



Sugarplum Tea

By Cinnamon Carnelian

Humanity needed the Tahli to chase the invading Borie from Earth. The Tahli needed Earth since their sun was dying giving off radiation that sterilized most of the women of their homeward. They can either make it work or both go extinct. (The accuracy of this story is little to nothing. Please do not take it or the information it contains seriously. It's just a story. 18+. Not suitable for people under the age of 18.)

#erotic romance #romance #scifi #sci-fi #aliens #love #erotica

There are 10 episodes available.



Courting Death: A Reverse Harem Romancee

By Verity Lennon

What was a human girl to do when kidnapped by Death Gods? And would those same kidnappers help to keep her alive when something in the world only wanted her death? New episodes every Monday and Friday.

#romance #paranormal #reverseharem #supernatural #love #fantasy #paranormal romance

There are 8 episodes available.


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