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Stella Ann's Note by Note and Kindle Vella Serials Updated September 24, 2021

Hi everyone! Hope you are all settling in for a fun fall and finding time to read your favorite stories!

Note by Note was updated with 2 new episodes this week:

30 - You Want Me to Do What?

31 - I Can't Say No to Those Eyes

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Here are a few other Kindle Vella Serials for you to enjoy!

Beneath Gehenna

by Benjamin X. Wretlind

After an alert goes out to the paying members of the disaster bunker known as New Eden, residents find themselves trapped between two vastly different worlds: one that preys on trauma and one that creates it. Now, a newly wealthy yet troubled man and his new friends must find a way to live with the Hell they bought or return to the Hell which remains.

#horror #apocalypse #steampunk #dark fantasy #science fiction #dystopian #hell

There are 17 episodes available.



Liza and Calhoun

by Antoinette Lee

Martha Liza Lee,a fourteen-year-old Cherokee girl, was captured, sold into slavery, and because the human property of John C. Calhoun. Calhoun, the 7th US Vice President, was mesmerized by Liza's beauty, yet he believed that slavery was ordained by God. Behind the closed doors of his Fort Hill Mansion, Calhoun risked his infallible reputation by falling in love with Liza, his enslaved captive. Fearing exposure, he committed an unspeakable act of betrayal, but you can't wash away the blood.

#politicalpower #enslavement #lustandbetrayal #nativeamericans #johnccalhoun #africanamericans #sexualexploitation

There are 6 episodes available.



The Paid Holiday: An Enemies to Lovers Romantic Comedy

by Grace Risata

Resigned to an entire weekend spent with her estranged father and wicked stepfamily, there's absolutely no hope of a Merry Christmas for Arianna Hanson. Making matters even worse, her well-meaning boss hires an actor to pose as her boyfriend in a misguided attempt to help. What could possibly go wrong when a feisty woman instantly clashes with the alpha male she's fake-dating? Take a look inside to find out …

#romance #enemies to lovers #holiday romance #romantic comedy #christmas romance #bad boy #romcom

There are 18 episodes available.

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