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Stella's Note by Note and Kindle Vella Update September 3, 2021

Hi everyone! Hope you are enjoying the last days of the summer and getting ready for a great holiday weekend!

Note by Note was updated with 2 new episodes this week:

24 - Fasten Your Seatbelt and Enjoy the Ride

25 - I'm Placing Myself in Your Very Capable Hands

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Here are other great Kindle Vella stories:

Summer Lake Heat

By Synthia Stone

Summer Taylor's career dreams are dashed when she loses her art teaching job. Enter Derek Nash, owner of the most prosperous home design business in the city. On a chance meeting, he offers her a PR job. Derek finds the young artist irresistible, and soon, Summer can't go a day without thinking about her handsome new boss. A jealous ex and Derek's stuck-up, rich father make it really difficult for these two to be together, but on Edgewood Lake, fireworks light up the Tennessee sky.

#romance #age gap #love story #new adult romance #office romance #love #second chance romance

The story is complete with 25 episodes.



The Duet Dilemma

By Maggie Evans

Piano student Emma Fox is everything her rich, fame-chasing parents aren't. As talented as he is cold, Noah Kincaid is the epitome of what Emma's parents want her to be. She's all over the place. He's controlled. She's got a sweet tooth the size of Canada, and he only takes his coffee black. When Emma's spot in Westfroft University's piano program is at risk, the last classmate she expects to be partnered with for a duet project is Noah. It doesn't help that she might've vandalized his property.

#opposites attract #contemporary romance #college romance #slice of life #just kisses #love #new adult

The story currently has 11 episodes.



Covert Hearts

By Maggie Evans

Samantha Hart is a lonely girl running from her living nightmare. Desperate, she disguises herself and sneaks into Weston Academy. The catch? It's an all-boys boarding school. Enter the Sierra Ream, the youngest recruits in FBI history. One assignment stands between them and the field agent status: infiltrate Weston Academy, where rumors of unsavory activities threaten the school's pristine reputation. The problem? Their Behavior Analyst is assigned a new roommate.

#spy #slow burn #young adult #romance #reverse harem #why choose #friends to lovers

The story currently has 18 episodes.

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